<p><strong>COMPANY PROFILE :</strong><img alt="" height="160" src="http://www.pirelli.com/mediaObject/corporate/common/aboutUs-history/aboutUs-business/visore-business/original.jpg" style="float:right" width="352" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Leader in Top-of-the-Range products with the highest technological content,&nbsp;<br /> Pirelli ranks among the world&#39;s major&nbsp;<br /> Tyre Companies</p> <p>Over more than 140 years, we built our positioning by combining our&nbsp;industrial tradition&nbsp;with&nbsp;technological innovation, and focusing on products characterised by high&nbsp;safety, performance&nbsp;and&nbsp;respect for the environment.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Our business units :&nbsp;<img alt="" height="204" src="http://www.pirelli.com/mediaObject/corporate/common/aboutUs-history/aboutUs-business/graf-areas-business_en/original.png" style="float:right" width="280" /></strong></p> <p>Our products belong to two major Business areas:</p> <p>1. Consumer, including Tyres for cars and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), motorcycles and light commercial vehicles;</p> <p>2. Industrial, including Tyres for buses, trucks and farming machines.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Production Model</strong></p> <p>In 2013, our production capacity amounted to approximately&nbsp;69 million Consumer Tyres&nbsp;and&nbsp;6.2 million Industrial Tyres.<img alt="" height="165" src="http://www.channelier.com/image/data/338/club.JPG" style="float:right" width="309" /></p> <p>Our&nbsp;Local-for-Local&nbsp;production model is characterised by:&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 1.&nbsp;Top technological standards&nbsp;in the Industry and patented manufacturing processes;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 2.&nbsp;competitive industrial costs&nbsp;due to the siting of our plants in low-cost areas;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 3.&nbsp;solid track record&nbsp;in the achievement of efficiencies;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 4.&nbsp;limited need&nbsp;for further&nbsp;investments&nbsp;in production capacity.</p>
<p><img alt="" height="225" src="http://www.pirelli.com/docroot/tyre/in/en/img/contact-us-bkg.png" style="float:right" width="317" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Pirelli Tyre (Suisse) SA, Branch Office India,&nbsp;</strong><br /> 1110 &amp; 1111, 11th Floor, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019 India.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Tel No. +91 11 44128789,90.<br /> Tel Fax No. +91 11 44128789.</p>

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