Increase Your Sales Productivity

65% of all salesmen using mobile applications are meeting their quota, while only 22% of non-mobile CRM salesmen are meeting theirs

To cite a few more data points:
(a) Companies using mobile applications for their sales staff increased win rates by over 25%.
(b) More than 65% mobile users reported greater alignment and efficiency between marketing, sales and delivery teams

 5 great ways in which mobiles can be leveraged to boost sales:

(a) Use a mobile CRM to reduce unnecessary sales paperwork- required for tracking and closure (over 48% of sales people report this as the most challenging hurdle as it takes a lot from their sales time)

(b) Increase sales efficiency with the right information- Enable your sales force with the latest visual content, price lists, inventory positions, schemes and offers. Allow them to easily record data, schedule meetings, calls and more - all in a matter of a few clicks.

(c) Improve marketing support, production & fulfillment planning-Information pushed from the field is available to the back-end support teams almost instantly to provide additional marketing support, plan for production & delivery

(d) Leverage field analytics & tracking - With a mobile enabled sales force, marketing and senior management know exactly where the sales force is, where the leads are coming from, allowing them to organize meetings and deploying people at the right locations faster. Sales cycles drop significantly consequently.

(e) Improve brand perception - Salesmen with a mobile application give a far professional brand perception when compared with the traditional pen-and-paper note taking ones.


Updated On Oct 01, 2022