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Smart Ordering

SmartOrderâ„¢ enables you to manage the distribution of stocks effectively & efficiently. The system automatically routes orders to the relevant vertical channel partner(s), based on defined rules and relations.

Partner Classification

The Channelier platform allows you to classify each channel partner based on defined parameters. These could include geographic, business type, business size, operational parameters or any other parameter that suits your business.

Salesman Integration

This application enables your field teams to offer the retailers an exhaustive product catalogue and a complete listing of offers. It also contributes to a faster and more efficient field ordering process.

Product Enquiry

This feature allows simultaneous multi-product enquiry. It provides you the advantage of analytics on enquiry, aiding in demand estimation. It also enables you to forward additional information, regular offers, updates on this product to registered retailers.

Reverse Logistics

Channelier supports reverse logistics from all channel partners as well as end customers. Returns/refunds as well as shipment tracking can all be undertaken on the system.

Data Analytics

Page views, product enquiries, order data as well as other operational data are melded together to generate analytic reports with custom views.

Discounts on the run

Empower your own and stockist's salesmen with pre-defined discount codes to make decisions and close sales quickly on the field.

Multiple Payment Types

Channelier supports a variety of payment types - Credit cards, Debit Cards and Netbanking Payments. It also allows receipt of international payments.




Sidharth Das

Sidharth, cofounder, is an avid startupper and has worked for more than 13 years in diverse sectors (Information Technology, Education, Manufacturing, F&B,Textiles, Real Estate). He has worked at large multinationals as well as early stage startups. He looks after the financials, operations, product development and strategy, in general. Sidharth's an alumnus of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Surathkal and University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. Sidharth likes travelling to offbeat locations and loves music.


Ankur Gupta

Ankur, cofounder, is a deep retail enthusiast and an acknowledged expert in everything retail. He has advised and helped setup retail chains for large conglomerates, and has also setup and scaled retail operations from the ground up. He looks after sales and strategy. Ankur's an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Varanasi and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. Ankur's a gypsy at heart and loves travelling.



Why do sales personnel resist cloud distribution management platforms?

Sales personnel are at the forefront of this dilemma between technology and the human touch.


How has the cloud changed the Indian retail industry?

The pandemic has definitely increased the digitization of businesses; companies have stepped up their digital footprint to keep up with industry standards.


Why should FMCG Companies focus their attention on Rural India?

The villages of Rural India have a share of more than 35 percent to supplement the total FMCG market alongside that of urban areas. Key factors play a part in Rural growth development that FMCG brands must focus on for the foreseeable future.


Impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war on the FMCG sector

The Ukraine-Russia war has made it very difficult for FMCG brands to keep functioning as they have before. The consequences of the escalation increasing to such an extent were unforeseen and have put major FMCG players in a tight spot.




Brilliant Work!! Support System is great. I can now manage my distribution chain using one platform only.



Channelier makes handling of entire service providers very easy for us. Managing service provider listings and bookings are a cakewalk now. The customer support is fantastic now.

One unified business suite to manage the entire distribution network.

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