Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Warehouse Management System

Nearly 83% of all the companies in the inventory business have switched to cloud warehouse management as the world moves towards an automated future. This shift is not sudden and is in fact a carefully calculated move towards maximum efficiency. The pros of warehouse management using cloud technology is undisputed when compared to traditional inventory systems. Cloud computing has been on a gradual rise ever since the digitalization of businesses going online while still having store outlets. It is beneficial for dynamic operational units and focuses on efficiency which is the ultimate objective of many goal-oriented organizations.

Here are reasons why Cloud Warehouse Management System are the best solution for your Inventory:

1. Greater Efficiency

Switching to Cloud-based inventory management solutions is simply a better option as it is more efficient than traditional approaches. The desire to cut costs is about 50% of the reason to switch and it works! There is less strain on capital expenditure as the IT budget for physical sets is halved by double. The automation in cloud - which basically means storage of data in a remote setting which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere at any time!

In correlation with your inventory management cloud system, there is availability of useful software like SaaS to keep in check and tracking of live data.

2. Improves Customer Service

Shipment fulfillment is as important as getting goodwill for your company. The brilliance of customer satisfaction cannot be overlooked and ultimately it comes down to the customer service provided.

For example: A payment is received by a Shopify ecommerce website by a customer who has made an order. Now the cloud systems of that server and that of the payment gateway (Pay U or others) will immediately relay this data to the information hub - via email, text for the customer’s reference and email, order ID and order Invoice for the company’s reference.

So, when a customer calls to find out the order status of their package, the company representative is already in the loop through cloud management all by knowing the customer’s order ID. The customer can then be notified on the exact delivery arrival, transit location as of that time and make the customer feel trusted. This also plays in the part of cloud management systems of warehouse managers and on-ground dispatch teams. They are also simultaneously relaying all important data like tracking ID, courier details onto the cloud server. There’s no need to hassle as this process provides for a hassle-free service benefit!

3. Hardware to Software: Saving costs

Cloud warehouse management systems saves costs of your hardware needs and slashes the need for unnecessary capital being spent on equipment. Software’s are basically stored on wired connections through the thin air - hence coined the term “cloud”. So, the issue of misplacement is completely invalid.

All your data files are stored forever. They can be viewed just by a click away from your website server system. No tedious addition of hardware installations which require licensing and other mounting costs.

The price costing is also flexible and always considerably lesser to that of rigidly placed costs for hardware programs in traditional oriented businesses.

4. Security: Greatest Value Benefit

Cyber security is the number one priority of businesses as they commit their entire offering on this promise. No customer wants their personal information like contact details to be flashed around on hard disk which can easily be lost or misused.

Cloud service is the exact opposite as it provides a secure database extended to the company inventory management staff, only the ones who are supposed to be knowing of the great value of such sensitive data have access to it.

Customer is King, and they always come first, cloud management makes sure that this clause is well taken care of - value its customers.

5. Scalability

The purpose of handling data stored on the cloud management system is that of infinite scalability. There is room for seamless expansion which would be unthinkable with traditional systems tied to hardware functions. Stagnancy is near death for all brands and companies.

Cloud warehouse management ensures that businesses stay growing and evolving with much needed innovations and streamline simplicity at the same time.

6. Affordable Customization

With every growing step towards the company’s reach getting wider, comes the full proof decision to upgrade and be in the latest of trends be it technology or otherwise too. Change is inevitable. And so is the need to customize the cloud systems as they continue to add on features for the benefit of the users.

The process of relieving inventory stock, adding SKUs, making product combos, order detail changes, return shipments and warehouse maintenance can be done at an affordable range by the help of few experts in the field. The advantages of a Cloud Warehouse management system are that one person can already be fixing a customized setting which helps solve any issue even before it arises. The system generates viable solutions to problems which helps you save millions by avoiding several pitfalls.

Updated On Apr 13, 2024