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Why do sales personnel resist cloud distribution management platforms?

Sales personnel are at the forefront of this dilemma between technology and the human touch.

How has the cloud changed the Indian retail industry?

The pandemic has definitely increased the digitization of businesses; companies have stepped up their digital footprint ... Read More

Why should FMCG Companies focus their attention on Rural India?

The villages of Rural India have a share of more than 35 percent to supplement the total FMCG market alongside that of u... Read More

Impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war on the FMCG sector

The Ukraine-Russia war has made it very difficult for FMCG brands to keep functioning as they have before. The consequen... Read More

Olympics and the FMCG sector

Brands and the Olympics have had a long history of partnership. To put their best foot forward, FMCG giants also put the... Read More

Importance of product innovation in FMCG sector

The Fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG industry is one of the ever-expanding and innovating industries to exist in the 2... Read More

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