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Changing Strategies for rapidly adapting to market changes in the FMCG sector in India

Once in a few decades comes an event which changes the course of market, and COVID 19 is the event presently. The change... Read More

Distribution management on a cloud platform

The introduction of technology and Cloud-based management systems have revolutionized the DMS and SCM. Therefore, Cloud-... Read More

Creating a human centric supply chain

CRM boost customer services, customer’s demand to receive the right product abundance and quantity to be delivered wit... Read More

How does CRM software help in FMCG supply chain management?

A CRM software acts as a single destination to bring all your sales, marketing, and customer support on one platform. It... Read More

Importance of consumer insights for your FMCG brand

Businesses cannot manufacture what they want, they have to manufacture what their audience or potential audience want.... Read More

Opportunities For Optimization In FMCG Industry

Embracing New realities - Making a Customer not a Sale.

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