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How to improve field sales ROI?

Whether a business is small, nascent, big, or multinational, investment in human capital is of utmost importance.

Leveraging Technology for intelligent Distribution Management of FMCG products

The FMCG sector is powered by two players, e-commerce platforms and retailers and whole sellers.

How to create a unique selling proposition for your FMCG brand?

A business needs to build a marketing strategy in such a way that it becomes their USP.

Advertising in FMCG Sector

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”- Bill Bernbach

How Is Channelier  Helping Partners Deal With Covid.

How Channelier has helped our partners, communities, employees adapt to a new reality during the pandemic.

Ensuring Covid-Proof Sales And Distribution

FMCG companies are finding themselves staring at a major disruption in their distribution model

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